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Eye spasms, twitches and tics are fairly common. While the top eyelid can twitch, it’s more commonly only the bottom lid of one eye that’s affected and is caused by muscle twitches. The majority of these types of twitches come and go, but they can sometimes last weeks or even months.

They can be caused by many things, such as stress, alcohol, dry eye, eye strain, caffeine, allergies, lack of sleep or even poor nutrition. If your alcohol or caffeine intake has increased recently, try cutting back. Dry eyes can be caused by aging, alcohol, caffeine, heavy computer use (which can be alleviated with computer glasses), and even certain medications (allergy medication, anti-depressants, etc.). Check with your eye doctor because there are many ways to treat dry eyes nowadays. While itchy/watery eyes can be treated with anti-histamines, those same drugs can cause dry eye so consult with your doctor before taking anything. And if you think it might be due to a nutrition deficiency (lack of magnesium has sometimes been attributed to eye twitches), it’s best to consult with your family doctor before randomly buying and taking supplements or vitamins. While these twitches tend to be temporary and not very serious, there are more serious conditions that should be diagnosed by a doctor.

In more severe cases where twitches don’t go away and involve the entire eye or half the face, botox injections can help stop the involuntary muscle contractions. Check with your eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

While you and your doctor work on figuring out the cause of the twitch, don’t feel self-conscious about it. Take comfort in knowing that these twitches are generally so subtle that others don’t usually notice the tiny muscle contractions.