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We have a boutique collection of designer eyeglass frame styles and sunglasses to accent your look.

Featured Eyewear Brands


OVVO Optics
OVVO Optics
OVVO Optics
OVVO Optics
OVVO Optics
Tory Burch
Bebe eyewear
kate spade New York
Cutler and Gross
BOSS Hugo Boss eyewear
Garrett Leight
Guess eyewear
Gucci designer eyewear

Highlighted designer brands in our eyeglass frame and sunglasses collection include Bebe, BOSS, Cultler & Gross, Garrett Leight, Guess, Kate Spade, Maui Jim, Oakley, OVVO Optics, Ray-Ban, SALT, Tom Ford, Tony Burch, and Valentino.  Explore our collection and our exclusive Pepper Zagg collection and get perfect fit with one of our frame experts.


Exclusive Collection

Our optical team designed the Pepper Zagg eyewear collection just for our patients.  Learn more.


Eyewear for Every Area of Life

Del Rey Optometry has frame styles and materials to match our active personal lifestyle.   We have options for adults, seniors, kids, and teens.  We also have choices for special lens materials and lens performance.


Children & Teenagers Optical

Kids and teens want different styles.  They lead active lives that call for durable, forgiving frames.  And our younger ones often don’t fit larger sizes for adults.


Computer Vision

Many of us spend most of our waking hours at a keyboard, gazing, and often squinting, at a computer screen or video display.  Eye strain is common for many adults who spend long hours at the screen.  Today’s lens options include eyeglass lenses designed for the short focal range that’s common when at a computer and for the quality of light from electronic screens.


Safety & Industrial Eyewear

Does your job or home project call for impact resistant eyeglasses?   Ask our optical team about protective eyewear that meets ANSI standards for job safety.  Don’t risk injuring your precious gift of eyesight by accidental debris or flying objects.  Get quality safety glasses that fit well, feel comfortable, and look good.


Sports Vision

Protecting your eyes and having better vision helps keep you in the game and helps you perform better by seeing every detail.  In every area of outdoor sports, more professionals and amateurs are wearing sports eyewear to allow them to see and perform to their best.  Keep your edge and protect your eyes from accidents on the field, in the heat of the game.


Specialty Lens Options

Del Rey Optometry offers a myriad of special lens technology choices that can make great lenses even better.  Popular options include Crizal scratch, smudge, and dust resistant lenses, UV blocking lenses, and Transitions light sensitive lenses that automatically and quickly lighten or darken.  We offer high-index materials that make lightweight lenses for even the strongest vision correction needs.


Single & Multi-Vision Lenses

In addition to basic single vision that correct only one focal distance (near or far), we offer bi-focal, tri-focal, and progressive multi-focal lenses.  While bi-focals correct two distance ranges and tri-focals correct a near, mid and far sight, progressives blend these together without lines across the eyeglass lens.

Read more about our special lens technology.