Optomap Ultra-Wide Retinal Imaging

Widest View for Better Exams

Del Rey Optometry is now offering optomap® retinal imaging by Optos on the leading edge Daytona system. A retinal image is produced by a 200 degree wide angle Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope.

Daytona ultra-wide view retinal imaging technologyThe optomap® retinal image gives eye-care professionals a much larger view (200 degrees) of the back of the eye – your retina – than conventional eye exam equipment. The images can be taken without dilating your pupils – a very common procedure which is uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people.

The optomap® image is captured in less than a second and is immediately available for doctor and patient to review. The optomap® Retinal Exam offers many clinical, practice and patient benefits.

The optomap® image is displayed immediately after being taken, allowing the eye care professional to review it quickly and if necessary, refer you to a retinal specialist. Using the internet, the image can be sent anywhere in the world for a specialist to review.

Each optomap® image is as individual as fingerprints or DNA and can provide eye care professionals with a unique view of your health very quickly and comfortably. The optomap® image is captured in less than one second and is immediately available for you and your doctor to review.

The optomap® retinal image offers many advantages including:

  • An ultra-widefield view of the retina
  • Comfortable and quick image capture
  • Non-invasive
  • Helps you understand your eye health
  • Provides permanent records for future comparison
  • The optomap® technology does not require pupil dilation, however the decision to dilate or not is a medical decision to be made by our doctors
  • You can resume normal activities immediately


Examples of Retinal Scanning

retinal laser scan eye image
retinal image scan
retinal scan image of the eye
retinal scan image of the eye